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Metavanity Continued

By Laika Saintlouis Slipsters 1Slipsters 2

A couple of rare, rare shots of one of the all time greats wearing some pretend internet clothes. I’m back in SL and I’m really loving that mesh has enabled so many of my favourite designers to experiment with lumpy crotch situations to name but one advancement. This is an important time to be in SL and I feel truly blessed to be back to experience it.


On Laika:

  • Hair: Taketomi – Gyp
  • Hairbase: Entente -Hairbase
  • Beard: M-Arc Mirror – Realistic Full Beard
  • Beardbase: Antebellum&Bean – Northern Lights – mustache/beard#2
  • Skin: Body Co – Hunter (Fair)
  • Shirt: RONSEM -Military Shirt
  • Jeans: not so bad – Joris jeans
  • Sneakers: Gos – Desert Boots

Location: Tableau


‘My Pants’ by Laika

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

Just writing to let you know that it has been twelve months since your last eye examination and you are due for a check up. TP to the newly opened Alphavillain Optometrists in My Pants.

On Laika:

‘Laika in June in Albero’ by Laika

This isn’t a full-on Slipsters entry, I am sorry, I will make it up to you very soon with a proper entry with all your favourite Slipsters and Till, but it is a link to a new entry I’ve made into the Albero Men’s Select Shopping Mall blog, check that out, that sounds good: Laika Saintlouis for Albero Men’s

‘Spring in Albero’ by Laika

Check out this rad blog entry I just got done with for the Albero Men’s Select Shopping Mall blog for the full post, quite a few more photos, details and slurls. I’ll meet you there!

‘Confidence Man’ by Laika

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

This is the first in a Western (TV shows that star Timothy Olyphant) themed week from us, expect way more sneering and maybe some spitting in the next post as we go back in time a bit for that one. I’m really into Justified lately and this is a great look, it’s western office casual I guess. I can’t dress like this in real life because I’m British which is the polar opposite of a cowboy. I mean, I have some cowboy boots and all but I’d never dare go as far as the hat. It would be fine if I stayed silent but as soon as I spoke it would be crazy town, like that homeless guy who’s voice was the voice of a charismatic radio guy. Confusing! Does anyone else feel sorry for the radio personality who surely exists somewhere in the world who opens his mouth and out comes a low rumble and splutter which somehow conveys all the hunger, torpor and remorse of the world? I bet no-one listens to that show! There probably isn’t a that guy. So anyway that was a reference to an internet thing from several months ago, I guess I just haven’t had a forum for all this super important stuff for awhile. Next week I’ll be covering the bed intruder thing.

Here I’m showcasing some new boots and a new blazer that I really like from Myvegancookbook Bolissima who is the designer for Adjunct. He also has a really great vegan cookery blog, which is pretty apt considering his name, if you name your child that he is obviously going to start a vegan cookery blog.

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

On Laika:

Laika Saintlouis for Albero

Check out the Albero Men’s Select Shopping Mall blog for the full post, another outfit and details and slurls for both of them.

‘Take Me To The River’ by Laika

Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

  • Hair: [Shag] – Rocket Man – hazel
  • Skin: Sacred – Ethan Tone 1 shaved hair
  • Facial hair: Antebellum – MCCXI – hairbase & MDCCCXLVI –  Big burns, hairbase
  • Glasses: Alphavillain – The Ipcress Glasses
  • Jacket: Kalrau – Brown Jacket
  • Shirt and Tie: Hasendow – Modern Suit
  • Sweater: {mon tissu} – Stitched Thermal Red
  • Necklace: {mon tissu} – Take Flight Necklace ~ Gold