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Metavanity Continued

By Laika Saintlouis Slipsters 1Slipsters 2

A couple of rare, rare shots of one of the all time greats wearing some pretend internet clothes. I’m back in SL and I’m really loving that mesh has enabled so many of my favourite designers to experiment with lumpy crotch situations to name but one advancement. This is an important time to be in SL and I feel truly blessed to be back to experience it.


On Laika:

  • Hair: Taketomi – Gyp
  • Hairbase: Entente -Hairbase
  • Beard: M-Arc Mirror – Realistic Full Beard
  • Beardbase: Antebellum&Bean – Northern Lights – mustache/beard#2
  • Skin: Body Co – Hunter (Fair)
  • Shirt: RONSEM -Military Shirt
  • Jeans: not so bad – Joris jeans
  • Sneakers: Gos – Desert Boots

Location: Tableau

‘My Pants’ by Laika

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

Just writing to let you know that it has been twelve months since your last eye examination and you are due for a check up. TP to the newly opened Alphavillain Optometrists in My Pants.

On Laika:

‘Laika in June in Albero’ by Laika

This isn’t a full-on Slipsters entry, I am sorry, I will make it up to you very soon with a proper entry with all your favourite Slipsters and Till, but it is a link to a new entry I’ve made into the Albero Men’s Select Shopping Mall blog, check that out, that sounds good: Laika Saintlouis for Albero Men’s

‘Spring in Albero’ by Laika

Check out this rad blog entry I just got done with for the Albero Men’s Select Shopping Mall blog for the full post, quite a few more photos, details and slurls. I’ll meet you there!

‘Confidence Man’ by Laika

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

This is the first in a Western (TV shows that star Timothy Olyphant) themed week from us, expect way more sneering and maybe some spitting in the next post as we go back in time a bit for that one. I’m really into Justified lately and this is a great look, it’s western office casual I guess. I can’t dress like this in real life because I’m British which is the polar opposite of a cowboy. I mean, I have some cowboy boots and all but I’d never dare go as far as the hat. It would be fine if I stayed silent but as soon as I spoke it would be crazy town, like that homeless guy who’s voice was the voice of a charismatic radio guy. Confusing! Does anyone else feel sorry for the radio personality who surely exists somewhere in the world who opens his mouth and out comes a low rumble and splutter which somehow conveys all the hunger, torpor and remorse of the world? I bet no-one listens to that show! There probably isn’t a that guy. So anyway that was a reference to an internet thing from several months ago, I guess I just haven’t had a forum for all this super important stuff for awhile. Next week I’ll be covering the bed intruder thing.

Here I’m showcasing some new boots and a new blazer that I really like from Myvegancookbook Bolissima who is the designer for Adjunct. He also has a really great vegan cookery blog, which is pretty apt considering his name, if you name your child that he is obviously going to start a vegan cookery blog.

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

On Laika:

Laika Saintlouis for Albero

Check out the Albero Men’s Select Shopping Mall blog for the full post, another outfit and details and slurls for both of them.

‘Take Me To The River’ by Laika

Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

  • Hair: [Shag] – Rocket Man – hazel
  • Skin: Sacred – Ethan Tone 1 shaved hair
  • Facial hair: Antebellum – MCCXI – hairbase & MDCCCXLVI –  Big burns, hairbase
  • Glasses: Alphavillain – The Ipcress Glasses
  • Jacket: Kalrau – Brown Jacket
  • Shirt and Tie: Hasendow – Modern Suit
  • Sweater: {mon tissu} – Stitched Thermal Red
  • Necklace: {mon tissu} – Take Flight Necklace ~ Gold

‘Slipsters do Lula’ by Laika

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

It’s fashion time again, folks! James and I jumped in our Land Rover or our tractor or whatever it is that people that dress like we are dressed in this post drive and we headed to the newly opened Lula sim, which you should absolutely visit because it’s beautiful, it reminds me of the English countryside that I never went out in while I lived in England because I was too busy playing Second Life. I think it’s supposed to be France though because it’s so fancy! Not like glamazon, driveable prim lamborghini, Vince Zoozoo fancy, more like going to the seaside on a bankholiday and having tea and crumpets at that nice cafe because sometimes it’s nice to pretend you don’t have every flavour of ramen noodles in your cupboard kind of fancy. Speaking of French and fancy, check out Mon Tissu while you’re here, not just because it’s exciting and new and bloggers are telling you to but because it’s really very good. We really enjoyed shopping there, except we didn’t because we’re slebrity bloggers that get everything for free probably lol. Also we didn’t arrive in a tractor we were carried by slaves. No, I’m not for serious, we’re not internet egomaniacs, like your Vinny Xiuxius for instance, just down to earth, keeping it real, taking it easy, regular type guys that you might meet in a normal person bar where they don’t have the more expensive drugs and some of the furniture isn’t transparent. So anyway, Lula is nice! More pics to follow!

On James:

  • Hat: Mon Tissu – Wool lined Dearstalker
  • Beard: Antebellum – Full beard (Coming Soon)
  • Necklace: Shade Throne – The Beat Konducta
  • Vest: Vive9 – Dear Bear Vest
  • Inner Vest: Alphavillain – Scrooge Vest (New)
  • Shirt: This is a Fawn – Deep V-Neck Tee
  • Shorts: Graph – Shorts Boots: Kari – Duke Boots (New)

On Laika:

  • Hat: Mon Tissu – Wool Lined Deerstalker
  • Hair: Anaphora – Mullet Darkwood
  • Sideburns: Antebellum – Sideburns (Coming Soon)
  • Skin: &Bean – Heart of Gold
  • Glasses: Alphavillain – Alvy Glasses (New)
  • Coat: NSD – Gallagher Parka Green
  • Vest & Undershirt: Alphavillain – Scrooge Sweater Vest & White Tee (New)
  • Trousers: Vive9 – Relaxed Chino Tan

‘Nihilartikel’ by Laika

Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

In which hipsters are known to hang out at bookstores, libraries… street corners, I dunno, places like that.

On Laika

  • Hair (front only): *booN hairpieces RUMI51 chocolate
  • Skin & hairbase: *Sacred* Robert T1 – Mustache – black – hair (new)
  • Sideburns: Antebellum by Izzy Bereznyak (Coming Soon)
  • Glasses: Alphavillain – Borgesian Glasses (new)
  • Scarf: [NSD] Tundra Scarf RoyalBlue
  • Cardigan: Reek – Papercut Cardigan – Black
  • Trousers: *FIR & MNA* Carter Pants Khaki
  • Shirt: {MV} Thick and Thin Shirt (Black)  (new)
  • Socks: {SS} Aztec gatcha socks – Car Through Window
  • Boots: [Gos] Desert Boots

On James

  • Hair: Uncleweb – Hibiki
  • Skin: Lelutka – Eron
  • Coat: FIR & MNA – The Dorset Coat
  • Sweater: Emery – Fair Isle Sweater
  • Pants: Young Urban – Wool Pants (New)
  • Rosary: NSD – The Rosary
  • Shoes: FIR & MNA – Wavie Shoes
  • James’ Pose (in first photo): GGP Momentum 1
  • Laika’s Pose (in second photo): DW – Zephyr 3

(2 out of 3) Slipsters on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe – This Sunday 6PM SLT

Yeah, so, James and I will be waxing lyrical about the fantabulous world of SL blogging and discoursing til we can discourse no longer about all things hipster (whatever that is). So turn on, tune in, drop out, and all of that. Or don’t, I’m not going to tell you what to do with your life, it’s totally yours and yours alone and you need to take ownership of it, if not now then when? If you wanted to direct your free young lives in the direction of Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe this Sunday at 6PM SLT though then that would be totally rad and who could blame you?


‘Vintage Slipsters’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

Vintage is to be defined in this case as anything more than two years old, because Second Life is only what, seven years old? And it’s only been densely populated by pervs for about five of those years. So that’s our definition of vintage SL and were sticking to it. Not to be confused with ‘retro’ SL fashion, which is contrived contemporary SL clothing purposely made really badly, with copy pasted photo textures and unadjustable gigantic ugly optimus prime-esque prims (hahahah, that doesn’t really and never will exist).

You probably can’t buy much of this stuff anymore, so in the strictest sense this blog entry completely fails in it’s role as an interesting and informative Second Life fashion blog thing  but that being said, it’s still rather succesful in it’s primary role as a thing for us guys to do for personal enjoyment and afterall, that’s what really matters.

We split up, Stella and Stokely to find some killer furs, Till is after nifty vintage knits, James some classic pornography and I in search of a new addition to my mamallian penis bone collection.

On James:

Vintage Items:

  • Sweater: (?) Unknown Boutique – Striped Sweater (2 years old)
  • Pants: Aitui – Reborn Slacks (2 years old)
  • Bag: Top AC – Chekered Bag (2 years old)
  • Shoes: Shiny Things – Tritones (2 years old)

The Rest:

  • Hat: Theosophy – Jedburgh Hat
  • Skin: Lelutka – Eron
  • Glasses: Epoque – Retro Sunglasses:

On Stella Semaphore:

Vintage Items:

  • Hair: (Miriel) Gibson Girl Hair – Wheat (3 years)
  • Skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Slasher 6 (Blonde Brows)
  • Jacket and shirt: YIPs freaky costume (2 years)
  • Tights:*PERSONA* Woolen tights (socks) – ocre ( 3 years)
  • Shoes:- TESLA – Oxford Shoe *Black (2 years)
  • Monkey:!BC! –  Sock Monkey Teddy v1.2 (2 years)

The Rest:

  • Tattoo Makeup: Cheap Makeup – Gutter liner
  • Tattoo Makeup: Cheap Makeup – Blush- Persimmon 3
  • Tattoo Makeup: Cheap Makeup – Miss Priss Lipgloss 3

On Till:

Vintage items:

  • Skin: The Good Life – Justin [2 years old]
  • Hair: Truth – James [1 year old]
  • Necklace: The Good Life [2 years old]
  • Vest/shirt: Random – Party Vest [2 years old]
  • Pants: GearShift – Maverick [2 years old]
  • Shoes: *Alg* – Sneaker v1.2 [1 year old]
  • Bracelet: BroGear – Foss’ Lucky Bracelet [3 years old]

On Laika:

Vintage Items:

  • Glasses: Wrigglesworth – Ray-band Glasses (2 years old)
  • Coat: *EtchD* – XXX Coat (2 years old)
  • Trousers: [Random] – Lazy Lowriders (3 years old)
  • Shoes: Jeepers – Oslo Black (3 years old)

The Rest:

  • Skin: Den-Dou – Eito Pale Stubble
  • Hair: saboteurs – Woon008 Ash Black
  • Sweater: *ARAI* – Swet02 gray
  • Gloves: Reek – Cozy Mittens
  • Cigarette: Cigarette – Napalm

On Stokely Mayfair:

Vintage Items:

  • Jacket – Sinistyle – Sylar Coat (3 years old)
  • Shoes – Shiny Things – Murphys black (2 years old)

The Rest:

  • Skin – Muism – Trevor (milky)
  • Hair/Hat – Shag – Deep (fawn)
  • Umbrella – Creamshop – Vinyl Umbrella (black)
  • Jeans – Maknie – roll up jeans (b)
  • Socks – Arai – gray stripe

Special thanks to Vintage McMillan

Rhubarb Rhubarb Peas And Carrots Rhubarb

‘An Artist’ by Laika

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

Hi, everyone’s most favourite slipster here, the one whose name everyone knows. Hahaha. I write ironically. So anyway, the other slipster here, the one whose name escapes you. I have a post here, pay attention. So in this one I suppose I’m an artist, I’m not very committed to the role hence why I’m writing ironically, I can never really commit fully to anything, I’m afraid of being hurt if I put myself out there. But this character here is one of those art guys because I found some long, foppish hairs that I liked.

I’m putting paint on canvas alot these days and it turns out that the girls, they love this shit! I am having sex sometimes twice weekly. I’ve gone out in the rain to get some art materials because my bag of drugs is almost empty and most drugs don’t grow on trees. One day I’ll make it, all of my girlfriends tell me so and it’s not like wanting to make it as a rockstar or as a President of the United States of America, it’s more about knowing you’re good and have something really self involved to say and then working really hard and you’ll so totally make it. So of late I’m arting very fast. “Two arts please!” that’s what they’ll all say. Honestly I was more committed to this narrative before I realised my paintbrushes and shit had been deleted by my last sim landlord because I didn’t pay him or whatever, here’s an easel though, so, artist.

On Laika:

  • Skin: Sacred – Ethan Tone
  • Hair 1: Dura-Boy – 05 (Dark Brown)
  • Hair 2: Dura-Boy -06 (Dark Brown)
  • Coat: *FIR & MNA* – Duffle Coat (for Seasons Hunt)
  • Trousers: Pig – Unisexy Dungarees – Black
  • Necklace: This is a Fawn – Hatchet Necklace [aged brass]
  • Shirt: Pig – Anarchist Slumber Party Full Length Erinblue
  • Shoes: DB (Jeepers) – Russet
  • Newspaper: -RC- Cluster

‘A Stab in the Dark’ by Laika

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

So they’re in this big, old mansion right and it is pretty spooky! There’s one of those paintings that is painted so well that the eyes are so good that they follow you wherever you go. That is some very advanced artistic technique right there, this guy probably can’t even do that. So the paintings are all weird and that’s scary and what else? It’s not a very comforting  environment really, Martha Stewart would hate it there. The grandfather clock ticks REALLY LOUDLY, how annoying, and there is a staircase that leads to nowwhere, oh it leads to that room actually, well it has an odd amount of steps I’m sure and that really aggrivates my OCD. The point is if I were you and you were a character in this blog entry I would be quite nervous that at any moment someone might do a murder on you!

James Schwarz, oil tycoon, is the type of person should be especially worried, two of his public school chums (American translation: private school friends. I don’t know why either) have come to visit him and there is quite a bit of tension there. Till hasn’t seen him since 2001 when it was rumoured that James may well have boinked his mother. Laika lost his brother in the Iraq War and we all know what the deal is there. I don’t know, there’s more going on I’m sure, they both look quite angry, YOU do the back-story. The point is: M U R D E R.

On James:

  • Hair: Armidi – The Grammar
  • Skin: Mother Goose – Robbie
  • Shirt: Schadenfreude – Oxford
  • Sweater: Unknown Boutique – Houndstooth Sweater
  • Watch: HOC – Watch 01
  • Pants: Armidi – Ruvido Slacks
  • Shoes: HOC – Leather Loafers
  • Chair by Theosophy

On Laika:

  • PE Harrison Dark Ash modded
  • *Sacred* Ethan Tone 1 beard 2 hair
  • Glasses: xbordeaux – the moose wood glasses (comes with pose pack)
  • Blazer: *FIR* Casual Blazer Navy
  • Blazer collar from: *FIR* Casual Blazer Grey
  • Sweater Vest: Gbberish** Old Brompton Knitted Vest (Kensington Breeze)
  • Shirt: *Muism* Last nights shirt/White
  • Trousers: [W&B] Boyd Dress Trousers OUTER SPACE (R Prim)
  • Shoes: -WMD- Aussie Boots Black Edition -V-
  • Pose by: [POSER ALERT!] by Sydney Coba

On Till:

  • Skin: Abyss – ID 2043-3
  • Hair: MADesigns – Bon
  • Jacket: Meriken Co. – Napoleon
  • Sweater: Pig – Cozy Chenille Sweater
  • Shirt: Valiant – Black Military Star Shirt
  • Pants: Gisaci – Journey Tweed Slacks
  • Shoes: Redgrave – Strap Loafers

HAH! I seem to remember strongly hinting if not explicitly stating that there might be murder. A satisfying ending. Well an ending anyway.

‘Sad Laika’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

  • Hair: booN NWA501 hair chocolate
  • Skin: *Sacred* Ethan Tone 1 beard 2 hair
  • Glasses: Reek Park Shades
  • Sweater: =IZUMIYA=Gray Sweater
  • Trousers: *Muism* [Skinny Roll-up Cuff Jeans]_Bleach
  • Belt: comes with “NINIKOBOY”Lowrise jeans
  • Shoes: magi take slip on shoes
  • Pose one by oOo pose two by Diesel Works.

‘XStreet Boners’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

So how many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb?

Well it used to be three but everyone is changing lightbulbs in groups of three now, so now it’s all about four, you wouldn’t have heard of four, four is pretty underground.

I decided to take a day trip to Montreal with my three most unconventional pals, clustered together in the Plateau, Montreal’s most unconventional quarter I discuss my new musical act, I’m calling it Philosofolk, it’s like blue grass meets nihilism, I sing about Nietzsche but I put my own spin on it, you’d like it, you should check us out. The idea is that after listening to one song you’ll feel that existence is meaningless and futile.

We loiter about for a while hoping that if we stand abount looking avante-garde long enough someone might give us modelling contracts or something, because although we reject capitalist society’s perpetuation of the pursuit of wealth as being inherently natural, Tofu doesn’t grow on trees (as far as I know).

On Laika:

  • Skin: Zoobong Ocean (BEACHPALE) Shadow
  • hat: Magi Take – Casual Cap
  • Hair: Anaphora – Mullet
  • Glasses: Reek – Junior Shades (Tortoise)
  • Shirt: Arai – Polo Shirt
  • Trousers: Pig – Crosstown Shortpants Cement
  • Bag: HOC Apparel – Messenger Bag
  • Sneakers: Ordinary – Tarsius CP Limited edition
  • Pose: by Sydney Coba

On James:

  • Hat: Emery – Trapped Hat
  • Hair: Truth – Hank
  • Glasses: Epoque – Retro Shades
  • Necklace: Arai – Cross Necklace
  • Shirt: Arai – Thunder T (Gacha Item)
  • Watch: HOC Industries – Watch 1
  • Wristband: Emery – Wristband
  • Shorts: FIR – Retro Shorts
  • Socks: SEY – 3 Line Socks
  • Shoes: Ordinary – Atilinae (Target)

On Till:

  • Skin: Zoobong – Ocean 1.0 (Group Gift)
  • Hair: Aitui – The Scheduler
  • Necklace: Epoque – La Paix
  • Hoodie: Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie
  • Undershirt: Ninikoboy – Tanktop
  • Pants: NoaR – Sweat Pants
  • Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit – Slip-ons

On Izzy:

  • Skin:  Zoobong
  • Hair: cheerno
  • Shirt: Arai
  • Glasses: Shade Throne
  • Pants: euclid
  • Socks: Arai
  • Shoes: Picnic
  • Watch: Arai

‘Look at this f*cking hipster’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis
Okay so this is obviously the first direct parody of a look at this fucking hipster entry because oh yeah that’s what this blog originally was, a parody of latfh, or something.  This shirt is actually for sale (lolwhut?) at Cheap Makeup as of tomorrow for Fifty Linden Friday and it comes with a plain white version minus my countenance, which is something you might actually want to wear. It looks better on girls as you can see, but that’s fine because I don’t have a particularly huge gay following anyway, except for that one guy Fernando, who is pretty huge I suppose (hilarious).
.On Laika:
  • Hair: PE Harrison Dark Ash (edited)
  • Skin: *DEN-DOU Boys II* Eito – Stubble
  • Body Hair: comes with CheerNo – Teseu
  • Glasses: Cheap Makeup  – Motel Glasses Gold
  • Shirt: Cheap Makeup – Wife Beater (also included as plain white)
  • Trousers: Armidi Limited – A001 Jeans [Black Classic]
  • Shoes: HOC Industries – Easy Strider
  • Socks: *ARAI* Daily socks_02

.On Stella:

  • Skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Slasher 6
  • Hair: !lamb. The Chills – Powder w/ Black Roots
  • Shirt: Cheap Makeup – Wife Beater (also included as plain white)
  • Leggings: (vive9) – Waist High Leggings

.Here’s to Cheap Makeup, that awesome blog and people not thinking I’m an absolute douchenozzle because this seriously wasn’t my idea, you guys.

‘The Dreamers’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

Regardé ces f*cking ‘ipsters.

Sur Stokely:

  • Skin – Den Dou
  • Hair – Bryce
  • Blazer – NU
  • Shirt/Tie – Rooster
  • Pants – Pig
  • Shoes – Kookie

Sur Laika:

  • Hair: Tiny Bird – Mr. November – Light Black
  • Skin: [CheerNo] Teseu Light Beard 1
  • Glasses: Reek – Junior Shades!
  • Jacket & Sweater: <kalrau> Brown Jacket+Sweater
  • Trousers: **en Svale** Knit Pants(Black)
  • Boots: -WMD- Aussie Boots Black Edition -V-

Sur Stella:

  • Hair: Fashionably Dead-Sunday Shoelace
  • Skin: Fashionably Dead – Bird Skin – Slasher 6 (Blonde Brows)
  • Makeup: Black Matte Liquid Eyeliner by Cheap Makeup (Stella Semaphore)
  • Beret: jinko-Beret
  • Cigarette holder: mika – Elegant Animated Cigarette Holder (Deco Wood, Silver)
  • Camera: Camera obscura 1.1 by Tohru Kanami
  • Dress: Tiny Bird – St Augustine Dress Bow
  • Boots: G Field- Short Lace-Up Boots, Brown
  • Purse: KUROTSUBAKI- mini_bag_A(M size)
  • Gloves: Bare Rose – Flying Boat Pilot Lady Gloves

Gros merci à nos slipsters invités, Stella Semaphore et Stokely Mayfair.

‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis.

This one is just kind of a lookbook, except I’m not a rich, spoiled fifteen year old girl from Oslo or whatever I’m a grown man and such – but it’s my day off and it’s really hot out and who asked you anyway? Screw you, man. Sorry I didn’t mean that, I just get so mad sometimes. This guy knows what I’m talking about. That’s the last time I’ll do that I swear.

So anyway please sit back down, no not there, that’s where I keep my thoughts. This is my outfit, which I have made for you, I also have a shotgun for some reason, it’s a crazy but fancy looking dude with a gun in a house theme.

On Laika:

  • Hair: PE Harrison Dark Ash (edited)
  • Skin: *DEN-DOU Boys II* Eito – Insomnia
  • Bodyhair: comes with [CheerNo] – Teseu
  • Glasses: Shade Throne – The Hype Sunglasses
  • Shotgun: *VOONER* Mari Bag shotgun (gatcha)
  • Jacket: <kal rau> Brown Jacket
  • Necklace: This is a Fawn – Hatchet Necklace (Trilogy Exclusive)
  • Tshirt: This is a Fawn – Deep V-Neck [saffron]
  • Shorts: Young Urban – Summers at English Bay Shorts Blue

Around Laika:

  • Home: The Shoe Shiner’s House by Turnip Sorbet
  • Mirror: It’s Blitz Mirror by Stein Shilova for Separate Sack (Trilogy)
  • Fish: Smoking Bob Tuna by LISP

‘Lost And Found (Part 2)’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis.

So the plane crashes on this mysterious, magical island an’ that. SPOILER ALERT: They last about a week.

Easter egg: Avid fans (nerds) may notice that while the slipster’s flight left eight days ago the shirt that Till is wearing was only released three days ago. This is not a continuity error, it has serious theoretical implications.

On Till:

  • Skin: Den-Dou – Goro
  • Hair: Uncleweb – Al
  • Glasses: Gritty Kitty – Browline Glasses
  • Shirt: Scribble – Poison Polo
  • Shorts: Whippet & Buck – Harris Tartan Shorts
  • Shoes: Ordinary – Lemuridae
  • Bag: HUFS – CasualBackpack
  • Watch: Reek – Calculator Watch

On James:

  • Hair: Truth – Hank
  • Skin: Ironic Birds – Oscar
  • Tank: Vitamen – Sheer Tank White
  • Necklace: Singing Moth – Naive
  • Pants: Armidi – Chinos
  • Shoes: HOC – Easy Strider

My inspiration for James’ shot

On Laika:

  • Skin: Den-Dou – Eito Pale/Stubble
  • Hair: PE – Harrison Dark Ash (edited)
  • Tattoo: Made it myself. IM me if you want it I guess.
  • T-Shirt: *ARAI* Simple T_gray
  • Trousers: “NINIKOBOY” Lowrise jeans 04
  • Boots: Picnic still boots [tr]
  • Watch: *ARAI* VOICE MEMO
  • Backpack: *ARAI* Rucksack

This is a super serious blog for super serious people, hence the backpacks, which are packed full of serious business. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Photos by:  Laika Saintlouis

‘Lost And Found’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

This post is a sort of homage to one of my favourite tv shows, which is ending this weekend.

Okay so, here’s the hastily constructed narrative; our three slipsters are waiting to board their plane back to LA,  little do they know that the plane doesn’t even have a phalange!

The players are; James Schwarz, international tennis star and heroin addict who is praying that customs don’t examine his racket too closely, Rev. Laika Saintlouis, professor of philosophy and theology and Dr. Till Hapmouche, theoretical physicist, philanderer.

They have one thing in common, they are all lost, they are all looking for something. The question is not ‘what’ are they looking for but ‘when’ are they looking for. Or something? The point is that, I forget. God I’m sure there was a point when I started writing this but it’s lost on me now. Explosions! Mystery! Attractive people!

On James:

  • Hair: EGO – Rec – Mocha
  • Shades: REEK – Denton Shades
  • Shirt: Twosome – Huckleberry Polo
  • Shorts & Belt: Whippet & Buck – Harris Shorts
  • Bag: Barerose – Tennis Boy

On Laika:

  • Skin: Den-Dou – Eito Pale/Clean
  • Hair: PE – Harrison Dark Ash (edited)
  • Glasses: DUBOO* Granny’s glasses
  • Jacket: ! NU i Unconstructed Jacket Gray
  • Shirt: *ARAI* Polo shirt_brown
  • Trousers: Whippet & Buck –  Boyd Dress Trousers OUTER SPACE
  • Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Gallop
  • Suitcase: DCCXXIII – TRUNK 03
  • Watch: DCCXXIII crocodile  WW02

On Till:

  • Skin: Den-Dou – Goro
  • Hair: Uncleweb – Nick
  • Glasses: Gritty Kitty – Browline Glasses
  • Shirt: Pig – Life On Mars
  • Pants: Whippet & Buck – Boyd Dress Trousers

Photos by:  Laika Saintlouis

‘Hangover Breakfast Picnic’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

Donuts and coffee and tylenol and cigarettes and french toast and sore eyes and sore heads and sore hearts and cupcakes and regret and muttonchops and beautiful boys and beautiful girls and hair of the dog and muffins and cucumber sandwiches and poor life choices and more coffee.

You requested a chick slipster and we listened – I used my girlfriend though. Special shout out to the first official female guest SLipster, Stella Semaphore.

On Stella:

  • Hat: Meriken Co. Straw hat Plain
  • Hair: !lamb. Soot (ears) – Butter
  • Skin: &Bean – Lake Red wings Pale
  • Cardigan: &Bean – TRILOGY GONNY OUTFIT
  • Scarf: .+*AA*+. silk scarf [Project Themeory]
  • Undies: [W&B] Frilly Little Set ZOMBIE DAY STRIPES 2
  • Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women’s Chocolate Moccasin

On Laika:

  • Skin: DUTCH TOUCH – ROdd PALE – MuttonChops
  • Body Hair: part of [CheerNo] Teseu_hairBODY 1
  • Hair: Philotic Energy – Harrison Dark Ash
  • Glasses: Cheap Makeup – Motel Glasses Gold by Stella Semaphore
  • Jacket: AOHARU_BT_JeanJacket_WashedBlue (LongSleeve)
  • Trousers: Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos [Gray]
  • Boots: ROT Test Boots Multicolour
  • Cigarette: Cigarette-Dirty {Gentleman}
  • Pose by Silver Milneaux for actchio.

Photos by: Laika Saintlouis

‘Les Etiquettes ‘ipster’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

Saturday night is poetry night at the Saintlouis-Semaphore residence.

Our three SLipsters load up on PBR, gather round the fireplace and bear their souls to one another.

Meanwhile outside a single leaf falls silently and sullenly

to the


On Izzy (Spiritual Presence):

Fireplace: Arcade – Recycled Fireplace.

On Till:

Skin: Den-Dou – Goro
Hair: Gritty Kitty – Hathair
Glasses: YV – Le.Look l’homme glasses
Blazer/Shirt: Nylon Outfitters – Brown Blazer
Pants: Milk Motion – My wool pants
Shoes: Lucy in Disguise – Soft Cell Boots

On James:

Hat + Hair: Argrace – Hunting
Glasses: Epoque – Retro Shades
Skin: Ironic Birds – Oscar
Body Hair: Part of MAI Bodyshop Justin Skin
Tank: Mr. Poet – Stripe Vest
Cardigan: Valiant – Winter Warmer Cardigan
Shorts: Meriken – Cell Gy
Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Docker Shoes

On Laika:

Hair: (modified) Philotic Energy – Harrison Dark Ash
Glasses: (W) – Professional Glasses
Cigarette: FNKY! – Cigarette II (short ash)
Skin: Den-Dou – Eito Pale/Goatee
Body Hair: Part of CheerNo – Teseu skin
Shirt: [SC] Surf Couture – Down the Shore Tee
Trousers and Suspenders: Pig – Unisexy Dungarees Black
Shoes: J’s – Laceup Short Boots (group gift)
Socks: PIDIDDLE – Scrunchy Wool Socks

Photos by: Laika Saintlouis

Skybox: Separate Sack – Dishpan Skybox

Hat: Albion – Studs Cap
Hair: Truth – Hank
Glasses: Epoque – Retro Shades
Skin: Ironic Birds – Oscar
Body Hair: Part of Muism Xavier skin
Shirt: This is a Fawn – Deep V-neck
Shorts: Meriken – Cell Gy
Watch: REEK – Calculator Watch
Shoes: 2g – Couru