‘An Artist’ by Laika

Words and Pictures by Laika Saintlouis

Hi, everyone’s most favourite slipster here, the one whose name everyone knows. Hahaha. I write ironically. So anyway, the other slipster here, the one whose name escapes you. I have a post here, pay attention. So in this one I suppose I’m an artist, I’m not very committed to the role hence why I’m writing ironically, I can never really commit fully to anything, I’m afraid of being hurt if I put myself out there. But this character here is one of those art guys because I found some long, foppish hairs that I liked.

I’m putting paint on canvas alot these days and it turns out that the girls, they love this shit! I am having sex sometimes twice weekly. I’ve gone out in the rain to get some art materials because my bag of drugs is almost empty and most drugs don’t grow on trees. One day I’ll make it, all of my girlfriends tell me so and it’s not like wanting to make it as a rockstar or as a President of the United States of America, it’s more about knowing you’re good and have something really self involved to say and then working really hard and you’ll so totally make it. So of late I’m arting very fast. “Two arts please!” that’s what they’ll all say. Honestly I was more committed to this narrative before I realised my paintbrushes and shit had been deleted by my last sim landlord because I didn’t pay him or whatever, here’s an easel though, so, artist.

On Laika:

  • Skin: Sacred – Ethan Tone
  • Hair 1: Dura-Boy – 05 (Dark Brown)
  • Hair 2: Dura-Boy -06 (Dark Brown)
  • Coat: *FIR & MNA* – Duffle Coat (for Seasons Hunt)
  • Trousers: Pig – Unisexy Dungarees – Black
  • Necklace: This is a Fawn – Hatchet Necklace [aged brass]
  • Shirt: Pig – Anarchist Slumber Party Full Length Erinblue
  • Shoes: DB (Jeepers) – Russet
  • Newspaper: -RC- Cluster

3 responses

  1. Natas Yokosuka

    Great post Laika! Looking forward to the seasons hunt now.

    September 22, 2010 at 5:35 am

  2. Awesome! And I really like the hair =))

    September 22, 2010 at 6:20 am

  3. OMG I just found your site, and it totally rocks!!!! Being an artist, I LOVE this post the best I think :)))

    October 27, 2010 at 5:06 am

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