A SLipsters Field Guide, pt. 1 by Till

Words and Pictures by Till Hapmouche

Every so often, the SLipsters venture out from the high walls of the SLipster compound for a walk about town.

They usually do so in an orderly “haters gonna hate” strut formation, throwin’ shade at all passersby. The average pedestrian should heed their approach as a warning, as they are not above climbin’ in your windows and snatchin’ your vinyls and Nylon magazines up.

On James:

  • Hat: Emery – Trapped Hat
  • Skin: Zoobong – Ocean 2.0
  • Necklace: Arai – Cross Necklace
  • Jacket: Emery – Blazer Looked
  • Shirt: This is a Fawn – Deep V-neck Shirt
  • Pants: Muism – Tartan Check Pants
  • Shoes: A-Bomb – Kelly Shoes

On Till:

  • Hair: MADesign – Bryn
  • Skin: Abyss – ID 2043-3
  • Glasses: Reek – Ramesh Aviators
  • Jacket: Emery – Blazer Birded
  • Shirt: Arai – Long T Pocket
  • Pants: Fri.day – Low.Rise Jeans
  • Shoes: Naith Smit Designs – Dyrdek Boot

On Laika:

  • Hair: Armidi Hair – The Grammar
  • Skin: DEN-DOU – Eito Pale Stubble
  • Glasses: Reek – Classic Aviators
  • Necklace: [W&B] Memory Collector Necklace (Fifty Linden Friday)
  • Shirt: Reek – Classic Tee
  • Trousers: *Muism* Straight Fit Jeans
  • Left Watch: HOC Industries – Watch 01 Brown
  • Right Watch: *ARAI* VOICE MEMO(JPN time)
  • Boots: Lucy In Disguise – Soft Cell Boot

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