Sunday in the Summer by Till

Words and pictures by Till Hapmouche

We welcome you back to Mutual of Hapmouche’s Wild Virtual Kingdom.

Today is a boring Sunday for this SLipster. Observe him in his natural environment. After standing around and looking pensive in front of an old church, he moves to an artistic covered bridge and strikes a pose that portrays  an inner sadness. What does this expression mean? It may be hard for the untrained eye to tell, but this look means the SLipster is clearly running low on PBR and vegan cookies.

  • Skin: Den-Dou – Goro
  • Hair: Lamb – Rejector
  • Ring:  Theosophy – Melville Ring
  • Jacket: ! NU i – Unconstructed Jacket
  • Shirt: Armidi – Basic Deep V-neck
  • Shorts: Whippet & Buck – Harris Tartan Shorts
  • Shoes: Kalnins – Portrait Dots

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