‘XStreet Boners’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

So how many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb?

Well it used to be three but everyone is changing lightbulbs in groups of three now, so now it’s all about four, you wouldn’t have heard of four, four is pretty underground.

I decided to take a day trip to Montreal with my three most unconventional pals, clustered together in the Plateau, Montreal’s most unconventional quarter I discuss my new musical act, I’m calling it Philosofolk, it’s like blue grass meets nihilism, I sing about Nietzsche but I put my own spin on it, you’d like it, you should check us out. The idea is that after listening to one song you’ll feel that existence is meaningless and futile.

We loiter about for a while hoping that if we stand abount looking avante-garde long enough someone might give us modelling contracts or something, because although we reject capitalist society’s perpetuation of the pursuit of wealth as being inherently natural, Tofu doesn’t grow on trees (as far as I know).

On Laika:

  • Skin: Zoobong Ocean (BEACHPALE) Shadow
  • hat: Magi Take – Casual Cap
  • Hair: Anaphora – Mullet
  • Glasses: Reek – Junior Shades (Tortoise)
  • Shirt: Arai – Polo Shirt
  • Trousers: Pig – Crosstown Shortpants Cement
  • Bag: HOC Apparel – Messenger Bag
  • Sneakers: Ordinary – Tarsius CP Limited edition
  • Pose: by Sydney Coba

On James:

  • Hat: Emery – Trapped Hat
  • Hair: Truth – Hank
  • Glasses: Epoque – Retro Shades
  • Necklace: Arai – Cross Necklace
  • Shirt: Arai – Thunder T (Gacha Item)
  • Watch: HOC Industries – Watch 1
  • Wristband: Emery – Wristband
  • Shorts: FIR – Retro Shorts
  • Socks: SEY – 3 Line Socks
  • Shoes: Ordinary – Atilinae (Target)

On Till:

  • Skin: Zoobong – Ocean 1.0 (Group Gift)
  • Hair: Aitui – The Scheduler
  • Necklace: Epoque – La Paix
  • Hoodie: Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie
  • Undershirt: Ninikoboy – Tanktop
  • Pants: NoaR – Sweat Pants
  • Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit – Slip-ons

On Izzy:

  • Skin:  Zoobong
  • Hair: cheerno
  • Shirt: Arai
  • Glasses: Shade Throne
  • Pants: euclid
  • Socks: Arai
  • Shoes: Picnic
  • Watch: Arai



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