‘Lost And Found’ by Laika

Words and pictures by Laika Saintlouis

This post is a sort of homage to one of my favourite tv shows, which is ending this weekend.

Okay so, here’s the hastily constructed narrative; our three slipsters are waiting to board their plane back to LA,  little do they know that the plane doesn’t even have a phalange!

The players are; James Schwarz, international tennis star and heroin addict who is praying that customs don’t examine his racket too closely, Rev. Laika Saintlouis, professor of philosophy and theology and Dr. Till Hapmouche, theoretical physicist, philanderer.

They have one thing in common, they are all lost, they are all looking for something. The question is not ‘what’ are they looking for but ‘when’ are they looking for. Or something? The point is that, I forget. God I’m sure there was a point when I started writing this but it’s lost on me now. Explosions! Mystery! Attractive people!

On James:

  • Hair: EGO – Rec – Mocha
  • Shades: REEK – Denton Shades
  • Shirt: Twosome – Huckleberry Polo
  • Shorts & Belt: Whippet & Buck – Harris Shorts
  • Bag: Barerose – Tennis Boy

On Laika:

  • Skin: Den-Dou – Eito Pale/Clean
  • Hair: PE – Harrison Dark Ash (edited)
  • Glasses: DUBOO* Granny’s glasses
  • Jacket: ! NU i Unconstructed Jacket Gray
  • Shirt: *ARAI* Polo shirt_brown
  • Trousers: Whippet & Buck –  Boyd Dress Trousers OUTER SPACE
  • Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Gallop
  • Suitcase: DCCXXIII – TRUNK 03
  • Watch: DCCXXIII crocodile  WW02

On Till:

  • Skin: Den-Dou – Goro
  • Hair: Uncleweb – Nick
  • Glasses: Gritty Kitty – Browline Glasses
  • Shirt: Pig – Life On Mars
  • Pants: Whippet & Buck – Boyd Dress Trousers

Photos by:  Laika Saintlouis


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